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2017.12.03 17:45 CockADoodleBOOM 2017 Big XII Uniform Tracker SEASON-IN-REVIEW BLOWOUT EDITION

Welcome back to yet another exciting Big XII Uniform Tracker, THE premier weekly discussion thread for Big XII uniforms and the teams that wear them. Today is a very special day here at the Tracker, as we’re going to be covering the first Big XII Championship Game of the Tracker Era and recapping all ten teams’ 2017 seasons in excruciating detail.
Here’s the music for today’s special post.




TCU Ball TCU (Black/White/Black) vs Oklahoma (Crimson/Crimson/White) Oklahoma Ball
THE BIG XII CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! What a spectacle. Truly a tradition unlike any other.
TCU came out in Black/White/Black for this one, mirroring their look from the 2016 Texas game. It’s a very balanced look and one I enjoy looking at. My only quibble is that even though the black helmets and pants work with the white jersey, they’re about 10000% more effective with the black jersey. It’s not a big thing, but it is worth nothing that this isn’t the most effective usage of these uniform parts, and I was reminded of that here. Still a good look, though.
OU, as the designated home team, wore their standard home uniforms. Not much to see here, I’m afraid.
There was a part of me that hoped for a Crimson-vs-Black game, but this was ultimately pretty good. It was a pretty decent way to end the non-bowl season, all told. OU 41-17 TCU


Baylor Ball Baylor Bears
Helmets: EIGHT (Green, Black, White, White-Gold, White-Green, Grey, Gold, Gold Chrome)
Jerseys: FOUR (Green, White, Black, Grey)
Pants: FIVE (Green, White, Black, Grey, Gold)
Best Combo: Green/White/Green
Worst Combo: Green/Grey/Green
I was looking through the Baylor album before starting this recap, and I was struck by how good this Baylor season was. I don’t think they wore a completely new combination all year (outside of introducing the white helmet with the green facemask, of course), but it almost felt like a “best of” album of Baylor uniforms. Green/White/Green, Green/Green/Green, Gold Chrome/Black/Black, White-Gold/White/White… they were all here! If other teams in the conference didn’t have exceptional seasons, I think Baylor would have a real claim for Team of the Year 2017, which is something I completely wouldn’t have expected when this season started. That being said, that Green/Grey/Green shit against Iowa State was bad. That’s a firm position.
Iowa State Ball Iowa State Cyclones
Helmets: FIVE (Cardinal-Cardinal, Cardinal-Grey, Cardinal-Cyclone, Icy White, All-White)
Jerseys: THREE (Cardinal, White, Storm)
Pants: THREE (Cardinal, White, Storm)
Best Combo: White/White/Cardinal
Worst Combo: Cardinal/Storm/Storm
We’ve had a lot of Meta discussions about Iowa State’s uniforms this season, but they bear repeating. Iowa State wore their traditional cardinal helmets with the grey facemasks once this season. They wore gold pants zero times. They came out in all-white or all-cardinal seven times, including the last four games of the season.
It’s a new era for Iowa State uniforms, and I think we’re all excited to see what they unveil this offseason.
Kansas Ball Kansas Jayhawks
Helmets: FOUR (Blue, White, Red, Red-Free State)
Jerseys: FOUR (Blue, White, Red, Blue-Free State)
Pants: FIVE (Blue, White, Red, Grey, Red-Free State)
Best Combo: Blue/Blue/Blue
Worst Combo: Red/Blue/White
What a solid season from Kansas! Yes, the helmets should have the same logo on both sides, the facemasks are kinda wack, and the chrome numbers are stupid. But god, there is some much potential in this uniform set. Blue/White/Blue! All-Red! Blue/White/White! All-Blue! There’s a lot to like about some of these Kansas combinations. Even their worst look of the year (Red/Blue/White) wasn’t even bad, necessarily. Just kinda weird. I liked what I saw from them this year.
Kansas State Ball Kansas State Wildcats
Helmets: TWO (Silver, White-Camo)
Jerseys: TWO (Purple, White)
Pants: ONE (Silver)
Hi this was the same Kansas State season as last time. Kansas State will outlast us all.
Oklahoma Ball Oklahoma Sooners
Helmets: THREE (Crimson, Crimson-Wood, Cream)
Jerseys: FOUR (Crimson, Crimson-Wood, White, Cream)
Pants: THREE (White, Crimson-Wood, Cream)
Best Combo: Crimson/Crimson/White
Worst Combo: Cream/Cream/Cream
Your opinion of this Oklahoma uniform season is probably colored a lot by how you felt about their alternates. I personally really liked the all-crimson uniforms and was unenthused by the all-cream uniforms, so it was a perfectly fine season for me as a viewer.
Oklahoma State Ball Oklahoma State Cowboys
Helmets: ELEVEN (White-Standing Pete, White-Pete Head, White-OSU, White-Star, White-Throwback, Orange, Black-Star, Black-Pete, Black-OSU, Paisley-Black, Paisley-Orange)
Jerseys: THREE (Orange, White, Black)
Pants: FOUR (Orange, White, Black, Grey)
Best Combo: White-Throwback/Orange/White
Worst Combo: Paisley-Orange/White/Grey
Okay I’m just gonna do it now. Oklahoma State is our 2017 Big XII Uniform Tracker Team of the Year, joining 2016 West Virginia and 2015 Texas Tech.
This was a year of bangers from Oklahoma State, including four different variations of their traditional White/Orange/White uniform. Black/White/Grey and Black/White/Orange were road highlights, and it was nice to have some Orange/Black/Black thrown in as well. There were really no missteps. This was just a fantastic year from the Pokes.
TCU Ball TCU Horned Frogs
Helmets: FIVE (Purple, Purple Chrome, White-Stripe, White-No Stripe, Black)
Jerseys: TWO (Black, White)
Pants: THREE (Purple, White, Black)
Best Combo: Purple/White/White
Worst Combo: Purple Chrome/White/White
Like Iowa State, this year for TCU was primarily defined by what they DIDN’T wear. The purple jerseys never materialized for the 2017 TCU Horned Frogs, which was an interesting and frankly disappointing development. On the plus side, though, Purple/Black/Purple was a great combo that made multiple appearances, and Purple/White/White was a wonderful road combination.
It was a mixed bag, but since they never wore the grey uniform parts, I’m going to call this a win for TCU.
Texas Ball Texas Longhorns
Helmets: ONE (White)
Jerseys: TWO (Orange, White)
Pants: ONE (White)
Texas was Texas! Moving on!
Texas Tech Ball Texas Tech Red Raiders
Helmets: SIX (Black, Black-Red, White, White-Throwback, Red, Grey)
Jerseys: FOUR (Black, White, Red, Red-Throwback)
Pants: FIVE (Black, White, White-Throwback, Red, Grey)
Best Combo: THROWBACK!
Worst Combo: Grey/White/Grey
Texas Tech’s theme this year was RED. The red helmets (which only made one appearance last season) and red pants were worn three times this season, adding a spark to Texas Tech’s usual looks. This was, looking back, a fantastic Texas Tech season, and I’m sure that their red-loving fans were just as excited as I was. Special mentions go to the throwback uniforms worn against Oklahoma State, which might have been the best individual uniform worn by anyone in the conference this season. Those were fucking DOPE.
West Virginia Ball West Virginia Mountaineers
Helmets: FIVE (Navy, Navy-White, White, White-Flag, Gold)
Jerseys: THREE (Navy, White, Gold)
Pants: THREE (Navy, White, Gold)
Best Combo: Navy/Navy/Navy
Worst Combo: Navy-White/Navy/White
This was, if I’m being honest, a really big letdown season from West Virginia. The only times they combined navy and gold uniform parts were for the Navy/Gold/Gold and Navy/Gold/Navy combinations, which you could argue are the two weakest combinations they could have worn with those parts. They have so many really solid uniform combinations at their disposal, and they always chose the most boring ones game-in and game-out. I want to see more gold from West Virginia next season. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CHILL WITH THE WHITE FACEMASKS. It’s not that hard, y’all!
And with that, this concludes all of the regular season content for the 2017 Big XII Uniform Tracker.
I’m going to have various Big XII-related content up and going over the next few weeks to tie you all over until bowl season, but otherwise, this is the last Tracker post until early January.
Whether you’ve followed this series throughout the year or this was your first time hanging out with us, I just want to thank you for reading, upvoting, and commenting. If people didn’t interact with and enjoy these posts, I wouldn’t spend my time producing them. You all mean a lot to me, and I’m glad that I get to be a part of your Sundays.
Now go refresh your team message boards until you find out which bowl you’re going to.
I’ll see y’all again real soon.
Baylor Ball Iowa State Ball Kansas Ball Kansas State Ball Oklahoma Ball
Oklahoma State Ball TCU Ball Texas Ball Texas Tech Ball West Virginia Ball
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